21 November, 2008

Men's Group Weekend Away - Roughing It

By the time you read this, the members of the Corozal Men's Group who could or were healthy enough to make the journey, have all assembled at the Thunderbolt dock in downtown Corozal, and are now embarking on an epic journey of 15 or 20 minutes to Sarteneja, a small fishing village down the coast from Corozal.

The guys plan to stay at Backpacker's Paradise (, a nice little hideaway on the Sarteneja peninsula. Of course, the guys will be roughing it... cabanas aplenty, a well-stocked bar, and are you ready? A French restaurant! I sh** you not. Here's a sample from their Website:
Le restaurant de Backpackers Paradise

Derrière les moustiquaires paisiblement...
Notre restaurant vous offre un choix de plats français et américains pour le petit déjeuner, repas de midi et du soir. Plusieurs produits de la ferme sont utilisés au restaurant, comme œufs, légumes et fruits.
Exemples de tarifs :
spaghetti Végétarien : $ 9 BZ
(soon) Végi hamburger : $ 4 BZ
Backpacker's Paradise could even be the sort of place Frasier Crane might stay at. Well, perhaps not. But, he might eat there... maybe.

There were a few of us unable to go. Myself, down with a cold. I thought a couple days of festivities with the boys might slow my recovery. Infections, grieving, yard work, the economy, and sundry other reasons kept about half of the membership away.

I'm looking forward to seeing these intrepid voyagers when they return. I'm sure there'll be plenty of stories of the adventure. I'm envious.


Vivien said...

Hi Dave and Dianna,
We are still enjoying your blog. I agree with the fact that in order to provide readers with an accurate discription of your adventure in Belize you need to write about both the the good and bad experiences you encounter. We have gained a lot of insight into life in Belize we never would have had otherwise. Hope your cold is getting better. Vivien and Denis

Dave Rider said...

Vivien and Denis,
Thanks for the positive comments. They mean a lot.
Yes, our colds are getting better, in fact, we checked out the pool temp today. Still a mite cool (80) on the tootsies, so we opted not to go in. There's always tomorrow.
Dav and Dianna