29 November, 2008

Gotta Share

Now here's a sight that I truly wish we'd see more of in Corozal. We saw these cats at rest, Friday morning as we were walking the girls along the waterfront.

Other than lack of facilities (providing fuel, fresh water, etc.), I have never understood why more boats, especially cats don't come to Corozal Bay. I would love to see boats on the waterfront all the time. Lord knows, there's enough sailboat fuel (wind for you lubberly-types) just going to waste dang near all the time.
Two Cats At Rest
And another reason to be here. I took this one this morning just before sunrise. Doug and Twyla's house is the foreground structure. But, the sky colors were simply spectacular. Twyla and I start our morning walks with the girls (Lola, Cindy, Tupelo, and Secret) at about 5 to 6 each morning. I had just gotten to their house and these colors were all over the eastern sky. Just amazing.
Sunrise at Doug and Twyla's
Today being Saturday, I vacuumed the pool, scrubbed the steps (wearing my mask and snorkle), and decided to take a shot of Quackers, our cool little friend, courtesy of Doug and Twyla. Quackers, also has a thermometer jammed up his butt. Seems like it would be uncomfortable, but he doesn't seem to mind. He does keep track of the water temperature with it. Handy for us anyway.
Quackers, Earning His Keep


Anonymous said...

I have enjoyed following the progress on your home and the various narratives. I have a chunk of dirt outside Orange Walk. I am coming down with a few folks the week of Dec. 6 and would like to visit you if it is convenient for you. I am just slightly above computer illiterate and don't know how this communication thing works. My email is if you care to give me a holler.

Anonymous said...

I agree the catamarans are needed but of course quackers will do in the meantime. BTW Temp here is 33' as I write.Also the snow is scheduled for tonight. Brrr!

Richard Lawry said...

In my travels to Belize, I have never been to Corozal. I will have to try to get there on my next trip. With the way the economy is going that could be some time.

An Arkie's Musings

Anonymous said...

Beautiful sky. What is the saying? "Red sky storm approaching?"

Dave Rider said...

Hi All,

I gave brum8 a holler; 33 degrees is way too cold - 70 degrees and we have two blankets on the bed here; Corozal is worth checking out for a quiet place to live. 17 minute flight to San Pedro for entertainment, etc.; and the saying is: Red sky at night, sailor's delight. Red sky at morning, sailor take warning.

We have a pretty steady north wind right now, so it's cold, cold, cold. You might say we've acclimated.


Unknown said...

I'm headed to Belize again on April 1st... Hopefully my ticket is not an april fools joke. I'm not sure I will make it to your next of the woods but I would sure like to this being my 6th or 7th trip down there... I will be doing archaeology near Armenia (Belmopan).

Anyway I was writing to say we rented a cat this summer out of Placencia and it was awesome. I'm not the sailing type or at least I didn't think I was. I suspect you don't see as many cats cause the rental folks want to snorkel and dive so they stick closer to the reef. That seems to be the general theme on all the bareboat websites...