17 October, 2008

Sunshine Returns

Anyway, just like in the Northwest, grey skies and drizzle don't mean a thing. The show must go on.

Neither rain, nor storm,
Nor dreary day,
Shall stay these workers from
The swift completion of their appointed labors...

or something like that. Resourcefully deploying tarps and plastic, they were able to keep working on the spa.
Deploying the Tarps
Hard At Work Under Cover
Just as they finished the plastering, the sun began to creep out from behind the clouds. Before chancing a removal of the tarps, Mariano cleaned up debris under the tarp.
Emir Helping Mariano Clean Up
Mariano Staying Under Cover
Finally, the tarps were pulled back to help with setting of the plaster coat.
Mariano and Emir Work on the Plaster
Manuel Uses Vinegar to Clean the Tiles
Now the sun seems to be coming out in ernest. and the spa is beginning to look like it should. John said we might get water filling the pool tomorrow morning. Yippee!
Mariano and Emir Finish
Wow! It Looks Great!

1 comment:

nigel said...

So YOU were resposible for the Heavens opening last night!!!!!!
Bet your pool is well full this morning (and 1/2 of Gringo lane!!!!!