06 October, 2008

Monday, Monday

Just about 5:30 AM, the rain came down for a while, scratching another walk day for the doggies. They were so disappointed. But, beyond that, sunshine and more sunshine.

Here's today's work on the pool. Trenches being dug for Overflow, Backflushing, and rainwater collection through another French drain and 4" drains strategically placed. It appears one just can't have too many ways of getting excess water out of one's yard. And then, there's also trenching being dug for the deck wall footing that will be coming along very soon now.
Deck Footing Trench Underway
Same Here
Cody and Agusto spent some time this morning figuring out where the French drain should be placed to avoid conflict with deck support columns.
Cody and Agusto Discussing Trenching
After removing via motorized pump about 5 or 6" of water, the guys put a final coat of Diamond Brite down and got the corner angle done with it as well. Looks sharp!
Diamond Bright Properly Applied
Looks Bright!
With all the rain we've had in the past few days, until the louvered window arrives for the pump house door, I had to improvise with some leftover plywood. Not fancy, but it does the job. Protects the primary pump from water.
Makeshift Rain Protection on the Pump House Door
As John is getting ready to do the deck, side bracing has appeared pretty much all around the pool where the decking will be.
Wood Deck Supports Have Been Fastened to the Concrete Block of the Pool
More Wood Deck Supports in Place
Here's a couple more view of the pool floor with the final Diamond Brite applied.
Yessir! This Passes Muster
Yessir! This One Too!
Looking from the spa (still unfinished as we're waiting for the jets, which are supposed to be coming from California to Florida tomorrow. Then it should be about a week or so to get here via USPS, then installed, and then, And THEN, the spa will be finished and the pool can be filled up. (More on that in a bit).
The View From the Spa
Ok. Now we can talk about filling up the pool. The first shot below shows water coming into the pool directly from the well. It'll take a couple of hours to fill the pool about half-way.
Water Entering Pool
By the way, that's a tile placed to prevent erosion of the new Diamond Brite. It's not a permanent feature.

And, as it's filling up, I just couldn't resist getting into it and enjoying. Here, it's almost deeper than our wading pool. Speaking of the wading pool, we turned the motorized pump on it and drained it in a few minutes into the new pool. 1,400 gallons of water reused and not wasted.
Dave Enjoying A Wade
John turned on the 2-hp pump. It works great. Our two inlet jets (other than the 3 jets for the spa which aren't installed yet) are working very well - strong, but not overpowering.
Cross-Jets In Action
These two shots were taken about an hour apart (notice the shadows, well, and the depth).
The Pool Is Definitely Filling Up
An Hour Later
The instructions from John were to continue filling the pool till the water is 1" below the seat of the spa. I think I fulfilled that mission. I sat on the steps for a while too. They are very comfy to just lounge on them. Can't wait to try the spa.
1" Below the Seat

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