08 October, 2008

End of the Pool Crew Workday

Today was an early day for the crew. As usual, they started nice and early laying course after course of the blocks for the outer deck wall. John's expert instruction ensured a nice straight run all the way around.
West Wall Going Up
Southwest Corner
Block by block it goes up, and fast too, with each course properly laid and filled.
Inside Northwest Corner
South Wall
And it proceeds on around to the pump house.
Looking at the Southwest Corner
Inside South Wall
And, we move around to the pump house side now. By this stage, they're almost done.
East Wall Inside
East Wall Outside
John, Checking the level of the courses. Also, in the left shot below, you can see a lintel that was added over the 3" drain from the French drain. A nice idea if the pipe ever needs replacing and that maintains strength of the wall footing. To the right Mariano is placing the first brick of the first East Wall courses.
and Starter Block
Of course it rained off and on all day today, but that didn't hamper the block work. It did play havoc to an extent with Cody's digging the drain trench. He had a thoroughly mucky day of it. But, he should be done tomorrow and drainage of the French drain inside the deck wall, the pool overflow, and the filter back wash should all be well taken care of by this drain system.

The view below shows the extent of the deck-t0-be from our front porch. It will be about 12' on the west side (nearest the camera), 12' on the south side, and about 4' on the east side. Enough room to really enjoy the pool.
Porch View of the Deck Wall
The other work going on was Dianna and our new again housekeeper, Edna, or "Eddie" hard at cleaning the house. Here they're hanging out the grass rug after washing it out with a hose. Eddie is working on a window screen from the living room. Screens get filthy here, mostly because we have near constant air circulation with no glass windows.
Dianna and Eddie Working as a Team
Eddie Cleaning Screens
Last but not least, our old pool, the 12' diameter wader, all cleaned and packaged (well, almost), ready to go to it's new owners.
Bye, Bye Pool. It Was Fun


toupeeo said...

There is no doubt about it, you have contributed significantly to the GNP of Belize. The pool looks fabulous. Wow even!

Anonymous said...

Hey there Dave,
The pool looks great! Can't wait to see it up close! I'm ready to move forward on buying the computer but wanted to confirm everything. I sent you a couple of emails but I'm not sure you got them. Was also wondering when I should expect the other laptop to be shipped to my office. Our trip is only a month away!

Lynn and Pete