27 October, 2008

Caught In the Act!

Guilty as charged! They got caught. After nearly two weeks on the lam, concerned citizens, Marlowe and MaryJane, sussed what the problem was and copied this reporter on the message they sent to the missing duo.

Their message, without putting too fine a point on it, was as follows:
Okay you guys have been trying out the pool for over a week. Get out and write in your Blog.
/S/ MaryJane
PS - We are coming down in Dec.
Additionally, there was an anonymous photo that lent further credit to the accusation.
Displaying a Carefree Lack of Regard to Duty,
the Guilty Pair Are Shown Having Entirely Too Much Fun
Caught by the camera In flagrante delicto, their duty to the Blog totally forgotten, the guilty couple have been seen frequently frolicking poolside in their new hangout.

"We're guilty, we're guilty" exclaimed the couple to this reporter. Although it seemed they had to struggle to get the words out between bursts of laughter.

Speaking as one, they said, "We promise we'll get back to a regular schedule. We need to take a break. It's just too much fun!"

Indeed. One can only hope they realize the error of their ways and recant on a life headed toward fun and frivolity, to once again embark on the serious and necessary work of keeping their readers informed.

There are things more important than pursuing a life of leisure. This reporter will ensure the miscreants are more attuned to the needs of readership than they have lately displayed.

But first, all this sleuthing has caused a raging thirst...

Uh, Got a Belikin?


Richard Lawry said...

I talked to friends from Belize last night, ans they say the flooding has been terrible. I hope you have not been affected.

An Arkie's Musings

Dave Rider said...

We have done fine re: the flooding. Love your blog's fotos.