01 October, 2008

And the Day Ends With A Bang

Even though the tropical low has moved away from us, there's always time for one last gasp. This afternoon, it looked like we were going to get dumped on pretty good. I had to head into town and the horizon just looked nasty.

About 2:10 PM, "KaBoom!", thunder and lightning all over the sky. The rain started, but never developed into anything. But, it was enough to bring the work day to a halt.

Before that, however, there was a lot of progress made. Here's John showing how to nip tiles for the spa seat.
Nip, Nip, Nip

Here's a shot of John checking the tile work on the seat. Looking good!
John Hard At It
Seat's All Done
Today, the big project was adding additional stone dust mortar to create the proper slope to the drain and to add a bottom curve all along the bottom of the pool.
Mariano Showing Step Curve At Bottom
John Supervising Mariano's concrete Work
Here you can see as the concrete is applied to reach the proper slope. It all got done before the rain began - luckily.
Reaching the Correct Slope

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