23 September, 2008

Work, Work, Work - The Story Continues

Tuesday, the crew showed up and got with the program. Lintels are in place (pre-cast by John). Today, they're prepping the roof of the pump house. It will probably be poured by this afternoon.
Pump House - Waterfall Side
Pump House - Door Side
The walls have gotten their full quota of concrete now - ready for the ring beam to be cast on top. Here you can see John using his vibrator to settle the concrete into the holes. When he uses the vibrator, the level of the concrete goes down about 8 - 10" each hole. So, for strengthening concrete, it's really worthwhile to use one of those. It gets rid of all the air pockets.
John Using the Vibrator Tool and Manuel Pouring Concrete
Agusto and Manuel Pouring Concrete Into Block Holes
We had some rain the past few days. As you can see, we've got about 2" in the pool. Also, here's a view of the steps progressing. They've actually poured concrete in all the holes in the steps - I just haven't gotten a shot yet of that bit completed. John has added one more step at the bottom, which goes out into the pool. He felt it was just too much of a reach without it. It is going to look so cool when it's done.
Almost Ready for Swimming
Steps Getting Close to Being Done
I had some problems with the generator. The motor ran fine, but suddenly stopped producing current. Not a good thing. Anyway, I've been in touch by phone and email with DEK's tech folks (well, Brian anyway). He's been very helpful so far. I'm hoping it's just a component or two that is the problem. An easy fix would be nice.

So, this picture is of the control panel for the generator. The nerve center of the machine. Easy to get to and a nice clean and fairly straight forward layout.
DEK 5650EL Generator Control Panel - Behind the Scenes

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