27 September, 2008

Saturday Means PIZZA!

Saturday morning the guys showed up bright and early as usual. I was still out walking the girls on their daily three-miler. I didn't do it yesterday because of way, way too much rain. But today, even as overcast as it was, was a good day for a zesty walk.

I go from 6:00 AM to roughly 7:15 AM. The guys usually get here about 6:30 AM. They crack on till 3:00 PM most days. Today, being Saturday, all they had to do was cast the beam along the back of the pool. John stayed longer because he wanted to finish up the plumbing in the pump house
John Tightening a Fitting
Here's the plumbing almost done. Very neat and tidy, I' must say.
Inside the Pump House
Casting the back beam also included casting the skimmer into place as you can see below.
Skimmer is Ready for Duty
When John finished the plumbing, I snapped a shot. It's all done but for the electrics. That should happen Monday.
Plumbing is done
I realized I hadn't taken any shots of the pool from back by the canal. I've rectified that now with these shots.

It's really starting to look like a swimming pool now. Monday, the guys will be plastering on a "stone dust" coat, prior to applying the Diamond Bright finish coat.
Big Picture Canal-Side Views
Detailed Canal-Side Views
Don had sent me an email wanting to know what tile we were going to use. I figured the easiest way to answer was to save a thousand words...
Our Pool Tile
We will have these tiles (6"x6") running around the pool at the water level, and alternating in between each pattern will be a cobalt blue set of plain tiles. Those same tiles will also highlight the seat top edges of the spa and the step edge tops as well. All the rest will be Diamond Bright. Shoud be quite nice looking.

The dolphins are also the inspiration for a mural we're going to have painted on the wall behind the waterfall. You'll just have to wait to see what that looks like, cause we don't even know.

Well, since we have no workers here this afternoon (they left about 1:30 PM), we're relaxing as well. It's a pizza night for us - ordering from Marcello's Pizza. They deliver. It always tastes divine...

Have a happy weekend!


Dave Rider said...

Debbie & Dean,

Thanks for checking in and reading the blog. Miss June's was closed for almost two months - she was on holiday to the States. Nice to have her back. It's one of our favorite places.
Will you be coming back this way anytime soon?

Dave & Dianna

Anonymous said...

The cobalt color will look awesome under the blue water and with the dolphin touch, it will be first class, as is your entire place. Great choice of tile. Thanks for the picture. More in an email today.


Oregon Deb said...

We are working hard to pay off the lot we purchased there. So most likely now until late next year. That is if we can wait that long!
We bought near Cerros Beach Resort. Our nearest neighbor will be Nancy.

Is your place on the back side of the canal behind bayside Drive?. Not too far from Copa Banana. Dean thinks he remembers seeing it but the bottom wasn't enclosed at that time.
Debbie and Dean