30 September, 2008

Hump Day - Daybreak and Beyond

Progress is moving at breakneck speeds now. Here we are on the 13th day of construction and the stone dust and mortar coat is going on already. The pool is being cleaned out in anticipation of the Diamond Brite coat soon to come, and...
Top Edge Smoothing
Floor Cleaning
Emir Smoothing the Top and Agusto Working Tile
The tile work. Yes, the tile is actually being applied this morning. It's really starting to look like a swimming pool now.
Agusto and John Applying Decorative Dolphin Tile
and Manuel Sweeps
Even the waterfall face is being smoothed. Soon there'll be a "rough" coat on the outside of the pump house.
Mariano Smoothing the Waterfall
Joe is almost done wiring up the pump house. Here he's hooking up the mechanical timer.
Electrician Joe Doing His Thing
Just in the time it took for me to post everything to this point, I went out and shot these two to show you how fast things are changing. That's not even a half-hour in there folks. Wow!
Tile Job Progressing
Dianna Inspecting Tiling

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