09 September, 2008

The Big Dig

Surprise, surprise. We were not expecting this today. In fact, we were expecting a fairly quiet day. I was planning to go into town to the "Mattress Bank" for some cash.

There were a few items I had to buy at the store in preparation for the stores being closed tomorrow for National Day (celebrating the Battle of St. George's Caye. It used to be called St. George's Caye Day). It was when the Royal Navy defeated the Spanish for the final time in these waters.

In short it was going to be quiet. That is, till John Harris, our contractor, called last night and told us he and his crew would be here about 7:30 AM. Ok, fine. We can deal with it.

Jump forward about 11 or so hours. I had just finished walking the doggies, and had given them breakfast, when "Beep, Beep", John's at the gate - barely 7:00 AM. And another pickup with the crew right behind him.

So, I opened the gate and proceeded to coral the girls so I could put them on the chain for their and everyone's well-being for the day.

They got to spend the day, lounging in the front breeze-way, as you can see below.
Cindy and Secret Supervising
As soon as the crew got their tools out of the pickups, they went right to work, measuring, pounding stakes, and laying out string lines to guide them for the digging of the hole for the pool.
Laying Out String Guidelines
John Supervising the Layout
As soon as they got that done, they started prizing up some marl to loosen it, using a garden fork. Dianna and I took the opportunity to have a formal "ground-breaking".
Ground Breaking - All Done Very Proper
Ground Breaking - Turning Over a Spade-full Each
Our work for the day being done by that point, we got out of the way as John brought in a large back-hoe to actually dig the hole. This one came from A-1 Gravel.
Back-Hoe Arriving
The expert driver, once he positioned his tractor, began making a large hole in the ground, saving the guys at least a day of very hard work, in blazing sunlight too.
Starting The Hole
Up on his jacks and away he went. Digging fast - but able to stay inside the lines.
Dig, Dig, Dig
Pretty soon we had us a serious hole in the ground. It grew larger with every bite of earth his machine took.
And More Digging
Of course, being El Hefe, or the supervisor, John had to set up his office. Where'd he pick? Under the palapa and in the shade. His momma didn't raise no fool.
John In His Office
Here's the result. A big hole - slightly larger than 12' x 24'x2.5'.
Yup. It's A Bigun'
Yup. It's A Bigun' - Here's the Other Part
After digging the hole, we couldn't just leave the dirt right there. It had to be moved out of their way. So, for now, it's over in Elsie's yard (Sorry Elsie, no time to ask permission. I can just beg forgiveness, as the saying goes).
Making a really big pile
From Another Angle
Of course, with some luck, that pile will disappear as well, once we start on the guest house foundation.

And thus, ends day one of the pool construction, We'll be up and at them early tomorrow - even if it is a holiday. You know those construction types - as long as the sun shines, make hay!

Dianna and I plan to spend a good part of the day under the palapa ourselves - playing sidewalk superintendent.



Anonymous said...

How exciting! I can't wait to see how things progress!

Anonymous said...

Is Dianna in training for digging pools? Ha!