15 August, 2008

Now, Where Was I?

I know it's been a while since I updated the blog. I have good excuses for it. Wanna hear 'em?
My dog ate my homework...
I was in the hospital...
Aliens landed and I was...
Oh, you want the real excuse - er, reason? Ok, um would you believe Google thought I was spam and every time I tried to log in, it prevented me from accessing the blog?

Well, that's the truth - at least for a couple of days. That was frustrating. I tried everything Google suggested I do to get their servers to let me back in. "Nope. You're spam and we're not gonna let you in."

What about the other week and a half, you ask? "Alright, alright. I can't stand the pressure! I admit it. I was weak. I was lazy."

The one sure-fire excuse that didn't occur to me till just now was that I had writer's block. "Yeah, that's it. Writer's block. That's what it was."

So. Even though I was slovenly and lazy and apparently all spammy, there was stuff going on at the homestead. You wouldn't recognize the place. The concrete fence is simply looking marvelous! Cody has been working hard to prime it and then add a nice light terracotta finish coat that really brings the fence to life.
Here's the Entry Area. Looking Sharp!
This bit is heading from the street back towards the septic drain-field wall. You can see the primer coat and where Cody has applied the finish coat of Terracotta. It's all latex-based exterior paint that seems (so far) to be holding up well. Time will tell of course.
Painting Advances Down the Wall
Now, Cody has a bit of extra work. He'll have to move the temporary steps to finish priming and painting the wall.
Dang Steps In The Way
As I was shooting the progress on the wall, I noticed several of the flowering plants in the garden that were showing off for us. So, I took their pictures too.
More Flowers
And More Flowers
This Isn't All Of Them Either!
Then yesterday, as Dianna and I were recuperating on our floaties in the pool (I know, it's a rough life. Someone had to volunteer to do it...), our two dogs, Cindy and Secret, were having a ball wrestling in the sand pile. Here they're resting. If you look close, Secret's mouth and tongue are covered with sand. Patooie! It didn't seem to bother her in the least.
Cindy and Secret After A Good Workout

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toupeeo said...

This seems to be a different way to comment but I will give it a try.

All is well in Pueblo and enjoyed your blog very much.Absolutely fabulous what you have done..

BTW did manage to delete Skype from my system. Not sure I will replace it but may do so.