16 July, 2008

Wanna Kick The Tires?

It's a beauty! Only driven to church and back home on Sundays by a little old lady.
Raring To Go - 'Rare '78 Ford Cargo Truck; 5.7 Litre Diesel; 28,000 GVW.
We got our stuff unloaded finally and now it's time to unload the truck. It's a '78 Ford with a 5.7 Litre, 2803 Caterpillar 8-cylinder diesel with a 9-speed transmission. Able to climb small buildings with a single bound. Oh, wait. That's someone else... Well, it's pretty powerful anyway.
A Serious Work Truck
It has an electric lift gate that works, the 20-foot box is dry and makes a great, movable storage container. That's what we used it for. Three moves with it before we got into our house.

It's easily got another quarter of a million miles left in her. Only 28,000 gross vehicle weight. Use it for a cane truck, make deliveries, haul freight from Belize City to the rest of Belize, comfortable air-adjust driver's seat, great view from on high. Heck, add some hydraulics and turn it into a great dump truck.
Lotsa Leg Room In Back
Haul the whole family in style! You'll be the envy of the neighborhood arriving at the Friday night jump-up in this rig!

Serious offers only!


Anonymous said...

Wow this is so Cool! We stayed in the left side of Bob's rental in Feb 07 for a month.

I retire in a few weeks and we are heading to Belize with a foretasted arrival date of 1 Sept 2008.

And guess what...Bob is building our house too. I must admit I don't miss driving in Bob's truck with Laura on my lap. Bob took us everywhere.

Hope you are happy with his workmanship.

Brian & Laura

P.S. the truck idea sounds great to us for a rental, if you do not sell it.

aaronnssd said...
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