21 July, 2008

Missed Us...

We dodged Dolly, we dodged Dolly. Nyah,nyah, nyah. Whew! Even though it seems somewhat slim now, it's still a relief to see one go right on by.

Now, all we need is sunshine. Dianna and I took the doggies for their morning walk. All four of us were eaten alive by mosquitos. Needless to say, it was a short walk today. Bummer.


Anonymous said...

D&D Not checked the blog for weeks, sorry.

Two mutts now, I missed the second one arriving.

All looks well

Best regards Roy

Anonymous said...

We were watching closely at Dolly. After Arthur and 2007 I worry that all it takes for you to have a storm down there is for us to make reservations.....


Dave Rider said...

Go ahead and make your reservations... We need the excitement. Just don't book a real high-end hotel. I don't thing we could stand that much excitement.

Man, it has been a while since you've checked in. Missing the second coming as it were, and all...