05 July, 2008

4th of July Happy Hour

The photos are in no particular order. I just snapped them with my phone camera and here they are. It was our usual Happy Hour at 3:00 PM at Jim and Melanie's. It just so happened to be the 4th of July. Even more reason to party.
Melanie and Dianna
Melanie With A Martha Washington Mask
Jim and Melanie's Daughter Attiga was there visiting from Ohio, along with her son, his friend, and one of Melanie's other daughters (I missed her name).
Polly Enjoying the Bash
Attiga Enjoying the Bash

Clip of the Get-Together
Roger Cookson and Melanie's Other Daughter
Wendy and Gail
Gail is a midwife and is in such demand, she had spent the previous three weeks over in Turkey delivering kids. She just returned here on the 3rd.
Jim Listening To A Story
Judy and Melanie
Lynn Telling A Story
Christina With Her Thomas Jefferson Mask
Our entertainment was provided by Attiga's son and his friend. They rounded up a bunch of pop bottles, loaded them with some tin foil in each, then added muriatic acid, shook them and threw them off the pier, where they exploded - some with a really loud bang. So we had sort of 4th of July fireworks. Better than nothing.
Dema, Roger, and Christina
Dianna and Christina (in two places at once?)
Dianna Listening to Melanie's Tale About Florida
Earl and Roger
It was a nice get-together. We ate some nice garlicy hummus, cheese, nuts, dips, and drank a bunch of Belikin (thanks to Annonymous for the illicite Sol beer).

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Anonymous said...

Sol--yum!! One of the perks of living near the border--lucky you two!!!