29 June, 2008

Hush... It's A Secret

Over the past two or three weeks, we had been talking about the possibility of getting another dog. You know, to keep Cindy company.

Yesterday I had to go to Dr. Sheila's to pay for some meds I had gotten the day before for Blue. While there, she mentioned one of the six dogs she had was looking for a good home.

Sheila said her name was Secret, she was about 2-years old, spayed, and with current shots. She had brought Secret up here from SAGA Humane Society of Ambergris Caye ( in San Pedro.
Whoever was interested in her then decided they didn't want her after all. So Sheila added her to her menagerie.

For whatever reason, when Sheila told me her name was Secret, I called to Secret, saying her name. She perked up instantly and looked directly at me. What can I say, it was Kismet. There was definitely an attraction there.

Anyway, I finished my business at Sheila's and had some other running around to do, like taking Dianna's car to the car wash for detailing, and getting some groceries and stuff from D's Super Center, and then back home.

After unloading the stuff, we ate lunch. During lunch, I mentioned to Dianna that Sheila had a dog available. I told her Secret seemed nice and that she was about twice the size of Cindy. Dianna liked the idea of another pet, so I called Sheila. I asked her if Secret was still available and what the adoption process was. She told me she was and the process essentially was, we take Secret home. If things work out well, that's it. If they don't, bring her back. Couldn't be simpler.

So, we jumped in the car and headed to Sheila's. Where we introduced ourselves to Secret. Dianna said she was a BIG dog. As in huge.

Anyway, we put the leash on her and away we went. After we got home, there was the usual sniffing (exchanging business cards in the dog world), but no adverse reactions on either side. We even felt comfortable enough with the new arrival that we went out to dinner at Patty's Bistro with Doug and Twyla. When we came back, both Cindy and Secret greeted us at the gate. I think it's a done deal now.
Dianna Bonding With Secret
Cindy Relaxing
Secret Relaxing As Well
Secret Going For "Walkies"
Our Newest Family Member - Secret
We think Secret will be a good addition to the pack. A plus, Belizeans, as a rule, don't like large black dogs. They tend to be afraid of them. Secret is definitely large and black. She's pretty intimidating when you first meet her. That's good. She'll be a welcome addition to the Casa Rider security apparatus.

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Anonymous said...

I noticed in the pic that Dianna has a boo boo on her knee. I this from painting all those trellises? Maybe Secret pulled her around on the leash. Ha!