26 June, 2008

Graduation Day

Kids really let you know how fast time flies, don't they? Just last September,we saw this little girl on her first day of school - kindergarten to be exact - crying and just absolutely terrified to be going away from home and Mommy. Then today, a very serious, disciplined young lady, following the practiced steps perfectly as she graduates from Kindergarten. Wow! What a change.
Monique - the Graduation Processional
While we were waiting for the ceremony to start (scheduled for 3:00 PM, actually started about 3:45 PM - right on time!) there was a gentleman who was in charge of the sound system. There's always a sound system for everything. This was no exception.
Speakers Galore
Michelle and Betsy, daughters of family friend Yolanda, attended the graduation ceremony too.
Michelle Waiting Patiently
This graduation was a very big deal for these little kids. Therae were small boutonnieres/c orsages for all the adults attending, printed programs, candle-lit, framed certificates of graduation, guest speakers, music, and a lot of people in attendance.
A Glimpse At The Program
Candle-Lit Processional
Monique & Rosie Right After the Ceremony
Every one of the kids took the whole thing so seriously. It was very impressive. Now that they've graduated from kindergarten, they move on to "Infant 1" - what we would call first grade.
Monique Receiving Her Certificate
Monique's Graduation Certificate
Monique Slow-Walking Back To Her Seat
After receiving her graduation certificate and a framed photo of herself and some other stuff, as Monique was handing it off to her mother, she glanced at Dianna and me. That was the first smile we saw the whole time. And it just snuck out there.
Dropping Off the Booty
Here they are the future movers and shakers of Belize. They all did it with style and quiet grace. Not bad for five-year-olds.
The New Graduates
Outside the Ranchito Community Center, where the ceremony took place, we paused for a few minutes. Then it was back to Cody's place for a BBQ party to help celebrate the graduation.
Rosie, Monique, & Cody
All The Girls
Monique Playing During The BBQ Party
Betsy... (What is that lady doing in the corner?)
All The Kids
A fun afternoon, and tiring. We ate our fill, then went home to take a nap.

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