27 April, 2008

Sunday - Almost A Day of Rest

Some of this actually occurred yesterday. Like the lights for the palapa and the switch and receptacle boxes out there as well.
Lights in the Palapa
Switch and Outlets
Wiring took a good half-day yesterday. Ozman really earned his keep with this project.
Finishing Wire Run Into Utility Room
Yesterday was also a great day for painting and other finish work.
George and Francisco Painting
Dianna Touching Up
Part of the wiring project was to get the gate motor hooked up. That's done too.
Waiting to be Hooked Up
Ozman wiring the Motor
Yesterday evening Rosie, Monique, Betsy and Michelle all came over for a visit. They had fun looking at everything and trying out Dianna's bike as well as my camera.
Rosie - Taken by Michelle
The Three Girls
Clowning for the camera - what fun!
Michelle, Monique, and Betsy
Betsy and Monique
The Three Girls Heading Home
Michelle Snapped a Surprise One of Me
We had dinner last night at the Cactus Plaza. About fourteen of us. We got together to meet and greet some new arrivals here in Corozal. Kevin and Karin. I'm not sure if they're just looking or buying or what. Anyway it was a fun evening.

While we were at Cactus, I made arrangements with Robert to stop by this morning to see the pour of their pool.

This morning, Isaiel showed up with the front fence bits. I had to make a run into town to Lano's hardware (It just wouldn't be a complete day without at least one hardware store run!) to get a nut for his grinder. So, on the way back I stopped over at Roberts and took a few shots of the pour of his pool.

Actually, on the way back, I drove down the road by Tony's Inn, which has become a real obstacle course now. Herman the German, owner of Paradise Villa's, across from Tony's and Corozal Bay Inn, ran a petition some time back to get more speed bumps installed. So, the Town, in their infinite wisdom or stupidity, installed three speed bumps - in addition to the one that was already in place. Now, there's even one more, making five in the space of about 300 yards or less. If that isn't the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen in my life. I hope those responsible enjoy the f**k out of those f**king speed bumps!
So, as I said, on the way back I stopped over at Roberts and took a few shots of the pour of his pool. It's actually pretty cool. I think I'm going to use the forms when we do our pool. I had been thinking of using 8x8x16 blocks instead, but seeing this pretty well changed my mind.
Robert and Lynn's Almond Tree Inn Pool Pour
Showing Some of the Framing
Rebar on the Curve
Inside the Hole
Length-wise View
While at their place, Robert introduced me to the newest member of their family - Polly. She's a lovable, local parrot. She talks a lot, whistles and sings, and calls Radar, one of their cats, by his name. She can even imitate his meow.

Polly Want a Cracker?
Sharing a Treat
Here's our fence bits in the process of going up. Isaiel's also going to get the gate motor hooked up to the gate. Now, we have to get our "doorbell" or gate-bell working again.

Fence Bits All Around
And More Fence Bits
Working In The Shade
First One Up
Taking a Break From Drilling
Carrying Out the Last Piece
Looking Like a Real Fence Now

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Anonymous said...

Five speed bumps in that small stretch of road does seem rediculous. Herman the German must have pull with the town council.