19 April, 2008

A Roof Over Our Heads

Roofing the palapa began yesterday and should probably finish sometime today. As soon as they finish that, the crew will give the underside and all the wood a spray coat of Selignum - as I understand it, it's a combination of wood preservative and bug killer.

To start, workers carry big bundles of thatch (called leaf) from the stack to an area where they can break open the bundles, do a preliminary sort of the leaf and trim each stalk to a uniform length. This makes a big difference when looking at the roof from the underside. It will appear uniform and almost knitted in appearance.
Carrying Bundles
Chopping the Stalks
After each stalk in the bundle has been sorted and chopped, it's then transferred under the palapa structure where it's spread open and wrapped loosely around a line suspended from the roof.
Choppers then Stack Leaf on the Lines
There's A Reason For Everything
The Guys doing the actual thatching then hoist the lines up so they have a ready supply of leaf to work with. They move the lines around with them as the work progresses around the roof.
First Piece Braided in Place
A Few More Done
The leaf is attached to the horizontal sticks by first grabbing a few central strands and twisting them. That is then fed under and up over the stick and then braided with the rest of the leaf to firmly attach it. It's then slid over against its neighbor forming a tight bond.
Hoisting a Bundle
A Longer View
Hoisting A Big Bundle
Work Progresses Rapidly
As you can see, the thatchers sort of scoot their way along the roof, moving as they attach the leaf.
It Becomes a Fairly Fast Moving Process
Here, the roof is definitely becoming recognizable as such. It's taken maybe two hours to get to this point.
The Roof Quickly Takes Shape
Thatch Now Goes All Around
The view from underneath. You can see how neat and orderly a well-made thatch job becomes. I'll have more shots later today on the continuation and finish of the job.
Looking Good From Down Under
Still A Ways To Go
Our house itself is undergoing some changes, besides just concrete work. It's getting a new paint job. Terracotta, Sand, and Light Blue are the colors of the day.
Painting Is Moving Right Along
The Blue is Intruiging
Of course, supervision is always part of the deal. Cindy keeps a close eye on things. Probably hopeful of a stray chicken bone anytime of day. You never know, it could happen!

Here's Cody's soak-aways in their finished state - before we add the piping from the gutters. Which haven't been installed yet either.
Cindy Supervising Painting
Gravel-Filled Soak-Away

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Rick Keating said...

Your place looks great! - The palapa is fantastic. The house colours look Morocan - cool.
Keep having fun - I am enjoying following your adventure!