05 April, 2008

Every Day is Saturday

Only some Saturdays are better than others. This was a pretty good one. I made a run into town this morning to Lano's Supply to get a whole bunch of pipe and fittings, so we can run the extension to the water main down the length of the drain field and then over to the parking palapa.

I had to do it this morning because I knew that about 12:30 PM I was going to be going to the Corozal Men's Group meeting. Not only did I get all the pipe and fittings (only not the Romex or three-strand electrical wire), I also picked up two cases of beer, some cans of dog food, a couple of batteries for my camera, some cans of cat food.

Then I went to the CMG meeting. That was fun as usual. It's nice to have a men's group to talk about "stuff".

Anyway, after the meeting (I had ridden with Craig), as he was turning around to drop me off, I noticed a big truck in my driveway and what looked like a huge tarp covering something next to my fence. At first I thought I had received another load of sand or gravel. Then it hit me. Today's not Sunday...
Cindy Inspecting a Huge Load of Thatch
Sunday was the day that Abraham was supposed to be delivering a huge load of "Bay Leaf" thatching palm leaves for our parking palapa. Well, they had the opportunity and so it got done today.

Abraham thinks they probably will start on the structure this week - the wood poles are supposed to be delivered Monday. He thinks it could be done as soon as Friday. Wow! That would simply be spectacular if it were to happen that fast.

Now, what that means is that Cody and I have to get to work fast to finish the trench out to the palapa once they get the vertical poles in place. We have to hook up the water and test it before burying it, and we have to run the wire though the electrical conduit as well - both being run in the same trench, but in separate pipes. And we need to get it buried as well.
Pipe For The Palapa
I'll be sure to take fotos of the work this next week cause I think things will be happening fast. Oh yes, we'll also be getting our windows Monday, and they should be installed this coming week as well.

Stay tuned.

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