08 January, 2008

Getting Closer

Things just keep moving closer toward being finished.

For example, our toilet showed up yesterday. Here's the tank and lid at rest in the bathroom, and the bowl stuck in a corner of the dining area of the living room.

I don't think it'll take too long for it to be installed. Pancho does have to bore a hole through the tile for the supply line for the toilet - a minor oversight that no one noticed till the tiling was finished in the bathroom.
Archie Bunker's Favorite Household Appliance
Waiting for Installation
Our back (streetside) porch roof is finally taking shape. Here it's being framed out and readied for the plywood covering.
Back Porch Addition
Too Bad We Didn't Think Ahead
Now the plywood gets applied. Then will come the bubblewrap insulation, then the "zinc" as the metal roof is called, will be applied.
Plywood being laid down
Here the plywood is just about done. Definitely an improvement. I think it will go a long ways toward keeping the guest bedroom and kitchen a lot cooler too.
Back Porch Plywood Roof
Checking the Underside
Pancho, the plumber, also gets tapped for other jobs. The past couple of days, he's been sanding beams for the back porch. Here he'd been tapped to fill, sand, and finally varnish the kitchen floor.

Oh, yes. He also gets to do plumber stuff. That will keep him busy over the next few days too. Here he's just starting to glue up the main water supply to the house.
Adding Varnish to the Floor
Pancho the Plumber
Somewhere in all this, we found time to go to the Purple Toucan again. It was time for the monthly Friendship Luncheon. And again, as usual, there was way more food than all of us could consume.

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