05 November, 2007

Still More Progress

Hoo, boy! Today, was one of those days - run around, run around.

First, I went to the job site, as I call it - our property, to see that Eugene, who is acting as our night watchman, survived ok, and that the equipment didn't get ripped off in the night, and to make sure the crews don't need any supplies before they can start their days work.

From there, I went over to Tony's place, to get squared away with him over the BTL bill and other expenses we incurred while living in their house. I missed him as he had gone into town to see about renewing his auto insurance, etc.

I caught up with him at his insurance office across from the police station. While he was taking care of that, I went down a couple of blocks to my insurance agent to take out a policy on our new house.

Once I got the paperwork flowing on that, I zoomed back to Tony. He and I went to the BTL office, where we dueled with the office guy for a while and eventually won a $132.00BZ credit for the phone line - being dead since two days after Hurricane Dean.

After that, it was back to the job site to meet with Franz about some details for the house. From there, it was back into town to pay the electric bill and water bill. Too many people in line to pay the water bill, so I would have to come back later for that.

Then, it was across the street to National Hardware to buy some gate parts for Elsie's gate. Then, it was back out to the job site to confer with Isidoro about what we wanted to do about the canal-side fence. It's going to really look cool.

From there it was to the apartment for some lunch and a nap (I've become an aficionado of napping). After a brief nap, it was back into town to pay the water bill, the lines in the afternoon are considerably shorter than in the mornings. All the damas have finished their shopping and have gone home by then.

I stopped by one of the money changers to cash a US check to get Belize money to pay the insurance bill. They're one of several (probably black market) places to cash checks to cover expenses, etc., in the local area.

Since National Hardware is right across the street from the Water Service, I went there next to buy some heavy screen, some screw anchors, screws, and big washers, so I could build a cover to protect the fluorescent bulb in the well house.

After National, it was back to the insurance folks to pay the year's premium on the house and contents.

After that it was out to the property to talk to Franz about hurricane clips for the roof, and to go over the placement of stairs for the house, since they're going to be poured concrete stairs.

Then, it was back into town to get some Cokes and ice for Eugene, to help him get through the night. He's got it made, in a way. He does the night watch gig and usually gets a good night's sleep doing it, and works for Isidoro during the day, so he's essentially double-dipping. But, it keeps us from getting ripped off, so I don't begrudge him the wages at all.

Our fence, on our side is done now. Elsie's is nearing completion. Then they'll work on her front fence (a temporary one with a gate). Then comes our fancy back fence and gate, then Elsie's temporary back fence - then that whole project is done.

After that I'll have Isidoro brick in the septic drain field, and have Idilio re-work the drain field as necessary and then add 8-inches of black dirt to the top of the field, so Dianna will be able to have a huge herb and flower garden.
Our Fence
Elsie's Fence
Eugene has been planting tree cuttings for us around the lot, and bringing in some pretty neat plants too. Here's one of the local orchids that grow in the area that he brought by this morning. It'll grow well in the crotch of the tree.
A Local Orchid
Thought you might enjoy seeing an overall view of the house and work going on underneath it. They'll begin pouring the foundation columns in the morning.
Overall View of the House
Here's a couple of shots of the foundation work and "steel" work going on for the house foundation and the foundation for the 10' x 10' utility room. It'll be built of concrete block just like the fence.
Foundation Work Underway
Just across the street, John-Paul, a local hired by Mae and Craig to clear their property has been busy all week. He's burning several piles now, with the biggest being saved by Mae and Craig for a summer solstice party and bonfire. Yahooo! Should be fun.
Smoke From the Burning Across the Street
And, as you noticed on the banner, here's the smaller of the two resident crocs sunning himself in the same place where the larger one was the other day. Small is relative... This one's about 5 to 6 feet long.
This is Georgette, Taking the Rays


Anonymous said...

Hey there Dave and Dianna,

So how much does it cost to insure your house and contents in Belize?

Anonymous said...

Why is the house 9' in the air. Is it Bugs, crocs, water, air flow or something else ?

Still, it's great to see.