22 October, 2007

Where's Marlon Perkins When You Need Him?

First thing this morning... Well, alright, it was after breakfast, and I was sitting on the front porch waiting for time to pass so I could call to ascertain the status of our sand, gravel, and block deliveries today. Lynn came from their construction site at a brisk walk saying something about the huge beetle in their driveway and that she was going to get her camera.

That galvanized me into action. I grabbed my camera and hot-footed it down to their construction site driveway looking for this big beetle.

Wow! I found it. And it was - well, BIG!
Local Beetle Ambling Across the Drive
Five Cent Piece For Scale
The coin, a five cent piece of Belize money, is about a half-inch in diameter. This beetle is one big boy.

After that, I got cracking and got over to our work site. i didn't even notice that Eugene had chopped the trees at the entrance to our place and replanted the branches of those that would regrow. We had to do that so Franz could drive the house onto our property. With luck, most of the trees will regrow.
Bare Driveway Area
Here's some of the trees he's replanted for us. He swears up and down that they'll take root and flourish. We'll see. At least he's working pretty well and seems a reliable sort.
Re-Potted Gumbo Limbo Trees On Our Lot
Gumbo Limbo Sticks
Along with the re-working of the trees, Esidoro and crew have been busting it to get the rebar all configured for pouring of the fence - hopefully tomorrow.

Below, you can see some of the work area as they've been forming the rebar and tying it.
Layout Table Made Locally to Form the Rebar
Layout Table Made Locally to Form the Rebar
One of the several jigs they made on the spot to bend rebar - and lots of it too. Also, cutting the tie-wire to use to tie the rebar pieces together.
Working the Jig
 and Cutting Wire
Then, the gravel truck showed up - three times with several yards of gravel - 15 yards to be exact. For the pour tomorrow.
Dumping Gravel on Elsie's Lot
Ready For the Pour
Dumping Gravel On Our Lot

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