08 October, 2007

Busy, Busy, Busy

Sunday started off slightly overcast, but by the time we got in gear it had become nice and sunny. About 7:30AM, we started off to the Oasis for breakfast. Since we were so early, we decided to make a stop at the market place and pick up some veggies for Elsie, as she had volunteered to cook once again.

While we were at the market, we were almost overrun by Roger, the crazy Texan. He and Darlene were out getting food to cook for breakfast (Darlene owns the Oasis). We chatted with them for a bit and told them we'd be up to the Oasis in a few minutes.

We got to the Oasis, and had a leisurely breakfast along with about 10 or so other folks. It's a popular hangout on Sunday mornings. After about three hours, we decided it was time for us to get going on our other activities for the day.

From the Oasis, we went down to Mae and Craig's house and spent a quality two hours or so with them. Chatting about property, weather, traveling, residency, dogs, and probably a whole bunch of other stuff - all important.

Well, by this time, it was about 1:30PM. We figured we better get our butts in gear and so headed up to D's Supermarket to complete our grocery shopping.

We stopped at the Copa Banana on the way back to our house as Elsie had just rented it for the month of October. We dropped off her share of the groceries, then we headed for our place. When we got there, we hauled all the loot into the house. We helped Elsie load her belongings into the Isuzu, grabbed our swim suits and towels and headed back to the Copa Banana.

Once we got all that up to her apartment, we then headed out to the Copa Banana Beach and pier for some R 'n R.
Corozal Waterfront from Copa Banana's Pier
I know it's rough and dangerous work, but someone has to do it. All right, we'll volunteer...
Working Hard on the Pier
Dianna, Elsie, and I waded out beyond the boat channel markers in Corozal Bay and were only up to our shoulders in the very warm water. We came back to the pier to have a beer and enjoy the sun.
Dianna Enjoying Life in the Tropics
Elsie Enjoying Life in the Tropics
Drying Out After a Swim
Always A Time for Conversation
Like I said, it's dangerous work. Entering the water for a second dip, Dianna missed her footing and took a bit of a tumble off the pier, bruising her arm in the process.
Dianna Showing Her Battle Wound
Shortly after Dianna's adventure, it began clouding up to the west of us, and actually began to sprinkle with really big drops. We packed up the cooler and our towels and walked back to Elsie's apartment.

Elsie began cooking, and the rain began to kick up in earnest. We all agreed we had come back to the apartment just in the nick of time. As the dinner preparations continued, so did the rain, and thunder, and lightning - those three increasing tremendously.

It quickly became apparent this was a major rain storm. In the backyard of the Copa Banana Guesthouses, the water was about 6" deep, and was really coming down. We agreed this was more severe rain than we got during the hurricanes.
Elsie In Her Element In The Kitchen
I took a couple of pictures of the rain, although in the pics, it looks more like snow, but if you double click the photos and squint, you can see how much water is on the ground.
Rain, Rain, Rain
Rain, Rain, Rain
After Dinner, the rain slacked off somewhat and Dianna and I figured we should make a break for it and try to get home.

A quick shower when we got home and it was to bed for both of us. After all, with such a demanding schedule as Sunday was, we were really tuckered out and needed the rest.

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