21 September, 2007

Morning Inspection

This morning, on our way into town to get some important stuff (alright... a bottle of rum, ok?) we stopped off at the property so Dianna could see the progress we made yesterday.

In the background you can see the 80 blocks we unloaded last night. All ready for the guys to finish tomorrow. The trash house (the part you see in the photo) is as high as it goes. The poured roof will add about 3 or 4 additional inches to it. The well/pump house part at the rear, will go up an additional two courses and it'll also have a poured roof.
Dianna Inspecting the Work
Here's some of the tools at the work site. I lock them up with chain and padlock each night. The wheelbarrow at left is Bob's. The bright one on the right is mine - having just bought it at Cinty's. The remaining bags of cement are under the bin for protection from the rain.
Work Tools Huddled Together

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