04 September, 2007

I Think We Dodged a Big One

As of 11:00 AM, it looks like Belize all but escapes totally from Hurricane Felix. I feel sorry for the folks in Nicaragua and Honduras, but very happy that it ain't us thats in the cross-hairs this time.

Life is quickly getting back to normal here. The radio is full of messages, asking for the staff of such and such to report to work at 1:00 PM, etc. Even the ATMs worked today.

I am shopping for a large diesel-powered generator in anticipation of the next one. It'll be nice to have the house fully electrified even if BEL has pulled the plug on all their customers. And to be able to do our own ice.

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Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you dodged this one! Folks here in Washington State were beginning to get worried about Blue's family.


Ahhh... a generator and an ice maker - what else does a fella need? (grin)

Stay cool...

Deane and The Crew at JLARC -