05 August, 2007

Tons of Rain?

Chetumal, Mexico
Hi: 84° F
Currently: 77.0°
Lo: 75° F
Tons of rain. Mostly Cloudy, Warm and Humid

I kid you not. This is the actual wording of the forecast today on the Weather Bug gadget that I use on my Internet home page. Tons of Rain! Who'da thunk it?

Anyway, we've been in the rainy season here. And for the most part, it's been really kind of dry. Well, not now. Tons of rain. Yes, we've got rain now. All day yesterday through this morning to off and on this afternoon.

Dianna went for a massage with the Mayan Healer, Abel and I went to breakfast over at the Oasis. There were a ton of people there - even with the rain. Which was nice to see. Darleen, the lady who runs the Oasis could use the money.

I would have done the massage thing too, but with my bunged-up arm, I figured best not to mess with it. Abel did look at it and recommended I clean it up more and apply fresh (cut from the plant) aloe vera three times a day for three days. He said it will heal right up. I'm following his instructions.

This afternoon, we're running (rain or shine) out to Gail and Earl's place to take a look at the construction. They had hired John Harris as their contractor. Lot's of folks say he's worth the extra cost, so we thought it good to see some of his handiwork. We'll take some pictures so we can all see.

Well, gotta run.

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Anonymous said...

And you just thought you left rainy weather. I have heard and read, not only do you have rain, you also have gusty winds and possible tropical cyclone. Gee, you get to experience actual hurricanes (lucky you)

Have enjoyed reading your blog and catching up on the daily events.

Keep on writing!!

Miss Ya