20 August, 2007

It's Started, Part Deux

Ok, so maybe I jumped the gun, but not by much.

It appears as though for the next few hours, we'll have bands of storms blowing through, accompanied by massive thunder and lightning.

This first band passed us by, but we're still getting thunder from that band as well as thunder from a band approaching. I guess that's what we'll get til the main event shows up, then it'll just be constant for a few hours.

We've been listening to the radio (Radio Love FM, appears to be the national EAS station). Sorry for those of you not familiar with that - Emergency Alert Station. Anyway, according to the radio, who interviewed the Chief Superintendent of Police, we have essentially a nationwide curfew tonight from 8PM to 9AM, and subject to continuance. Well, we weren't planning to go anywhere anyway.

Sounds like lots of folks evacuating Belize City and certainly the islands, like thousands. The local airlines, Maya Air and Tropic Air flew lots of flights this morning, pretty much constant in and out of the airstrip.

We brought Tanya in, she's scared of the lightning. She and the kitties seem to get along fine.

I just now got a call from Nelly, Tony's wife, wanting to know how things were going. I gave her the URL for this blog, so she'll be able to follow along with the adventure.

We just lost the radio station... Wonder what happened? I hope they get back on the air soon. It is a comfort to have them jabbering away about what is happening with the storm.

Well, I'm going to secure the PC again. This second band is getting ready to arrive. I want to be ready. Wow, planes are still flying. Sounds like they landed one and probably will get one airborne before the next band of weather arrives.

Bye for now.

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Anonymous said...

Hey guys,
Hope you make it through the storm okay, our thoughts and prayers are with all of you.

Lynn and Pete from Seattle