15 July, 2007

La-De-Da - We've Been Out to the Country Club

Today, Dianna and I took a scooter ride out to the Xaibe (pronounced "shy-bay") Golf and Country Club for lunch. Actually, it was our second attempt to get there. The first trip got us quickly back into Corozal.

Xaibe, one of the many villages here in Belize, has a little over 1200 people. It was founded by Mayan immigrants from Mexico during the Yucatan Caste Wars. It means, more or less, "cross-roads".

Signs... Who needs 'em.

As Tim, the owner of the Club said, "The easiest way for us to get there is to turn left at the big tree." Sure. But, some sort of indicators would sure be nice. One tree looks fairly similar to another unless you're parked right next to it, then, yes, it does look like a big tree. Not exceptionally big, but big nonetheless.

Anyway, on our second attempt, we found it. Nice place too. Good sized pool, full of frolicking kids, ice-cold Belikin beer, and good food. We had the barbeque'd chicken.

On leaving, we went the way Tim suggested, and when we got to the "big tree", we turned the wrong way, which was ok, it just took us back into Corozal before we headed home.

It did make for an interesting afternoon's cruise. We ran into a bad dog on the way out there. He came after us like he really meant business. Dianna told me after we got to Xaibe that he had actually nibbled on her foot without breaking the skin.

The Xaibe Golf and Country Club is actually somewhat of a misnomer. It has the clubhouse, complete with restaurant and bar, but is shy (no pun, etc.) the golf course. Tim said the course will be started possibly in January and will be nine holes to see if that's a go. If it is, the other nine will magically appear sometime down the road. But, don't hold your breath - this is Belize, after all. Tim has been working on the Country Club for about the past four years, so things percolate along at their own speed here in paradise.

The clubhouse has banquet facilities, meeting rooms, and a five-a-side soccer field. For the Corozal area, it really is a nice facility. We had an enjoyable afternoon and left with full tummies and made it back home safely. Signs would help.

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