01 July, 2007

For Miss Blue's Friends at JLARC

For everyone at the Washington State Joint Legislative Audit and Review Committee (JLARC), Miss Blue would like you all to know that she's enjoying retirement and is staying relaxed and regal as always.
Miss Blue, Surveying Her Domain
She's discovering geckos, having heard them chirping throughout the house. She just hasn't seen them yet. It's coming however.

Anyway, she misses you all and hanging out around the kitty bowl.

For those friends of Mr. Midas, he really doesn't give a shit. He's happy he can relax when he wants to, there are no cold nights to play havoc with his arthritis, and his bowels have pretty much gotten back to normal. Not bad for a guy who's 16+ years old!
Midas, Planning His Next Activity
Both of them tried to get to the tarantula the other night. They really wanted to play with that toy, and were quite upset with me for not letting them have their way. They need to start with geckos - we'll see about tarantulas later on.

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