28 July, 2007

Blinking 12:00...

The Isuzu is now in about as good a condition as it is possible to get. I've had the shocks installed. What an amazing difference that alone makes! Two of the old shocks were completely failed and the remaining two weren't far behind. Speed bumps and pot holes are now almost fun!

I also had the engine oil and filter changed, fuel filter replaced, exhaust system and hangers inspected, chassis lubed, transmission oil changed, A/C fan belt replaced, and the A/C serviced - can you believe it, the A/C works! It's a miracle!

Now, I can get on a regular maintenance schedule to try and keep this thing running smoothly for quite a while.

Now, all I have to do is vacuum and wash, and it'll be all set. Oh, yeah... And figure out how to set the

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