18 July, 2007

The Battle Has Been Joined

Since we first inhabited this pristine area, we had sighted the enemy's scouts only occasionally. Usually we were able to see them first, pop them and move on. It seemed they had only light support, so we assumed their main force was some distance away. An assumption that was to hit us squarely in the kitchen cabinets this morning.

They attacked en mass (in what has come to be known as the Battle of the Cabinets) and reduced our forces (including the vaunted feline commandos) to total disarray for a quite a while. Our camp was completely overrun, but enough of us managed to regroup to begin drawer to drawer mopping up operations later in the morning.

With Commandante Edna leading a small group of determined defenders, we took back one drawer and one cabinet after the other. The enemy losses were appalling - they seemed willing to send their troops into the firefight with little or no regard to their personal safety.
Some of the Slain Enemy
Our main battle group located their beachhead, a "cabinethead" if you will... centrally located near an outlet for major pipelines into and out of the central kitchen nerve center - a tightly packed high-rise affair used by our forces as a major logistical and supply center, as well as a major refurbishment center where equipment is cleaned, repaired and stored for the next operation.

To secure the cabinethead, our valiant forces had to foray far afield to a major urban supply center to secure enough natural and chemical deterrent so our crack combat engineers could begin the arduous process of denying the enemy their easy entry to the battle area.

After much toil and the occasional brisk "crash" of weapons and other materials slamming into the enemy's bodies, we were able to permanently secure the cabinethead, thus ensuring a bright future for us and our kind.
Permanently Secured
Oh, we know there will be other battles and skirmishes in this ongoing war, but we are determined that victory shall be ours! Our battle cry rings loud and clear - "Quick, hand me the Baygone!" - The little bastards are back!

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