01 June, 2007

Wow! We're in LA!

I was last down in Los Angeles in 1971. Y'know, I just don't remember the roads being in such terrible condtion. For that matter, Owen and I agreed that the Governator better get on the stick and repair the condtions of I-5 if he expects to get re-elected. South of Redding, it was pretty bad and seemed to generally get worse the closer we got to LA.

There's slim pickings in the photo department this morning. I just couldn't find much of excitement to shoot yesterday. Most of the day was spent transiting the San Jaquin Valley, and is it ever flat. I kept confusing it with Kansas and Owen kept reminding me that "We aren't in Kansas anymore".
Interstate 5

We did run the Grapevine. It's still pretty steep. I know I have been over it before, but I sure don't remember what it was like then. You can kind of see traces of the old road across the valley as you're motoring on. Still have vehicles overheating on it. At one point, we passed a car and two semis - all with their hoods open and steam rolling out.
Running the Grapevine
Coming down from the Grapevine we passed Magic Mountain, part of the Six Flags entertainment outfit. Lordy, Lordy, Lordy, do they have an assortment of roller-coasters there. It almost looks as though they're intertwined throughout the park. The pic below is just a snippet of the scene from the highway. Simply amazing!
Magic Mountain
And coming into LA just wouldn't be the same without six lanes, one way. Doesn't look like all that much from the photo, believe me it was somewhat hectic!
Six Lanes One Way

Here's an icon I remember from when I'd come up here. I always wanted to go inside and see what it was like. I used to daydream about going in there to mingle with the suits because I was some big rock and roll hotshot. For as old as it is, the building still looks pretty good.
Capitol Records

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