21 June, 2007

When It Rains, It Pours

Tony, Tony, Tony. I know that living here during the dry season has its advantages. But, you need to spend a bit of time here during the other six months as well (Tony is the owner of the house we're living in till November, when he and his wife Nelly, will return from Holland).

We love your screened in porch (necessary, since the house is surrounded on pretty much all sides by "bush" or low jungle, giving mosquitoes quite the advantage - something we really won't have to worry about at our property, since we'll get the constant breeze from the bay), but it does have one or two disadvantages:
  1. When the rains come, they usually come with a wind, which blows rain right into the porch, as you can see from the picture below.
  2. The porch is at the same level as the house floor, which allows the incoming rain to spread on into the house,
  3. which necessitates using a squeegee on a broom handle to push the water back out the doorway.
Don't Forget to Squeegee the Floor When it Rains
More of an inconvenience than anything else, but something that could have been lessened with some work up front in designing and building the house.
Water Can Come All the Way Into the Kitchen
Anyway, we'll take it as a lesson-learned and make sure not to duplicate the error on our house design (Lord knows, we'll probably make enough errors of our own).

And this is the time of the "little rains". The "big rains" come late October through November... See what we've got to look forward to? Exciting times ahead. At least it's a warm rain.

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