13 June, 2007

A Trip to the Pill Pusher and Other Stuff

This morning, on our way to breakfast, we stopped and paid the bill with Menzie's Transportation Services, after Mark our driver had stopped by the house to let us know we had not completed the payment process - oops. From there, we tried to go to breakfast at Mrs. June's, who is closed until July 2. We then tried to go to the Oasis - her gates were locked. So, we ended up having breakfast at Tony's, where we were welcomed back by our favorite waitress, and where we saw the same woman whose husband is in Consejo undergoing stem-cell treatments (he's here for a booster treatment), kind of an old-home-week sort of thing.

After breakfast, we hurried (well, that's probably too strong a word) to our list of appointments. First was to stop and see Jenni and Nigel, fine and jolly as ever, where we got up-to-date on all the happenings locally. Such nice people. Jenni was the one who clued us in on where to buy litter.

From there, we went to the Evergreen Pharmacy where all three of us got our drugs of choice. Dianna got information about vitamin B2, apparently it's just not available. She had heard it was good to help repel our little friends, the mosquitoes.

Elsie got a 10-day supply of amoxocillin ($9.00BZ) to combat an ear infection she got from diving so much in Honduras. She also got a bottle of some preparation to help dry ears after diving ($4.00BZ).

I got a bottle of an expectorant (diphenhydramine), really bad tasting stuff, cherry-flavored for ($9.00BZ). I've come down with a slight chest cold from the flights from the states. Bummer.

From there, we tried to go to Odette's, an import shop that sells motor scooters, etc. I wanted to buy a couple of helmets before we pick up the scooter from Brit Paul. They were closed for lunch. As was Caribbean Chicken. Elsie had volunteered to cook a chicken stew for us. It'll use up the left over rice from the Friendship Luncheon. It smells great as its cooking.

After that, we stopped at Frank's Meats to get the chicken. He also sells Caribbean chicken and doesn't close for lunch.

Then we went to New World Market, for some veggies and sundries, then it was home for medication doses, then a nap for me, and getting a Coke and Coke Light delivery from Bowen and Bowen distributors and cooking the grub.

Now, we're ready for the evening. BTW, I've signed up again for Audio, so I can listen to the M's as they continue to kick butt. Yahoo!!!

I've also listened once to KPLU on line. Sounds as good as it does in Oly.

So ends another grab bag.

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