09 June, 2007

One Damn Party After Another

Last night, we cruised down to Centralia to the Northwest Sausage and Deli Restaurant for a great prime rib dinner.

There were a couple of classics parked in the lot. This red Plymouth was looking good! I'm not much of a car nut for car's sake, but, well restored classics or antiques always catch my eye.
Red Plymouth at NW Sausage and Deli
At Northwest Sausage and Deli (hereafter noted as NWS & D), you can also get your fill of Dick's Brewing beers. They have pretty much the complete assortment of styles and flavors as shown on the sampler board below. Their samples are big enough that if a person went through a couple of complete sampler boards, they probably would have to find a Designated Driver
A Great Beer Sampler
Dianna enjoying the evening
Here's some of what we were enjoying. They have other items on the menu, but this was the only thing I got a picture of, because it was my order.

A great prime rib dinner
Don and Doug chowing down - Mmmmm, good!
All this partying takes it's toll. Well, soon, it'll be back to rice and beans again as real life intrudes.
Cheers, mate! I'm enjoying a pint of Dick's Best Bitters.
Another classic, a Kenworth
After dinner at NWS&D, we cruised up the road to Doug's for a glassfull at his place. This is his custom home, below. He and his wife Doreen, spent five years building this place. It's gorgeous, with lots of wood accents from their own property and some other local areas.
Doug and Doreen's House
Down at Doug's "Boy's Clubhouse", there are several dead animals hanging around on the walls. A rather comfy and very casual place to have a beer.
Doug's Man Cave
In the heart of the Boys Clubhouse is the secret inner working of Doug's fridge - I took the liberty of snapping a shot of the interior. Three full Dick's Beer kegs, with enough room, actually, for a fourth.
Doug's Beer Fridge
As you can see, we're relaxing and enjoying some of that beer just outside the clubhouse. A nice evening. Jon sure does like wearing dresses.
Jon Wearing His Kilt
Dianna giving Ziggy a good scratching at Doug's.
Doug's Dog Ziggy
Doug and Don listening to Jon while enjoying some more of Dick's Special Bitters.

Doug and Don Paying Rapt Attention
Pretty soon (Sunday) Dianna and I will be leaving all this partying to fly back down to real life in Belize. I know, it's rough duty, and someone's got to do it. That's why we volunteered for it.

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