02 June, 2007

My Bad, I Wasn't on Belize Time

It was my mistake entirely. Setting things up to get to this point in the California Adventure, I wrongly assumed that "first thing in the morning" and "bright and early" meant something like 7:00 AM or thereabouts... Silly me.

That's me, working on US time. It turns out, during a phone conversations last night with Miss Nena that those terms really meant something along the lines of 9:45 AM. No biggie. A phone call to Orbitz and I was able to reschedule our departure from LAX from 11:30 AM to 3:45 PM. Which means, we'll be getting into Seatac at 6:16 PM.

A quick call to Don ascertained that he would be able to pick us up with no problem. That was good.

This all really gives us time to do the job correctly. Nena told me, somewhat appologetically, that as we move boxes from our truck to the container, that they need to weigh each box - something I hadn't even thought of at all, but it is logical that they would do that. She said she should have told me that earlier.

It cost some to get the flights rescheduled, but it really is my own fault for trying to set up the schedule so tightly. I should have allowed more flexibility in the timing of everything (Note to self - get on Belize time!). I'll work on it, I promise. It's hard to even think about it here in LA. Everyone is in such a dang hurry. I think it's because they all drive Beemers or Mercedes that makes them go like mad from stop light to stop light.

So, we'll be meeting Nena at the container yard (just down the street from our motel about 15 blocks) at 9:45 AM, effect the transfer, get the boxes weighed and stowed, jump on the freeway to U-Haul and go through whatever process they have, call a cab and get to the airport hopefully around 1:45 PM. We're good to go!

Another topic entirely. I caught on last night that I haven't yet fully realized that I'm retired. You know how, when you're sitting around BS'ing, how you talk about work, etc., that you might say "at my job", or "at my company" or something like that when you are gainfully employed, whereas a person fully realized as being retired would likely say "at my former job" or "the company I worked for" or something like that - more in line with the past tense. Well, I caught myself, several times in the conversation, saying things in the present tense. So, that's how I know that it still hasn't sunk in for me that I'm, in fact, retired. When does that occur? I don't know.

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