11 June, 2007

The Last Supper

Wouldn't you know it? Our last night in Olympia, before returning to Corozal, and we go really far afield for dinner with Dan and MaryAnn - our old, next-door neighbors. All the way up the block from their house to Rosie's on Rogers. The building for years when we first moved to Olympia was the home of the best Mom and Pop grocery around - Eddie's Grocery. They carried the mundane stuff available at any corner convenience store, as well as the esoteric, only available at Eddie's. At least, I never saw it at any other place around. Original Fizzies, jawbreakers, Olympic Mountain Ice Cream - the stuff of a kid's dreams.

So, anyway, it's Rosie's now. and Rosie's is a restaurant. But, in the Mom and Pop tradition. A simple menu of exquisite Northwest and Mediterranean food, unbelievably prepared to perfection in the smallest professional chef's kitchen this side of Lilliput!

Dianna and I loved going to Rosie's for breakfast and being part of Rosie's "Counter Culture" - sitting at the counter where you got a front row seat to the inner sanctum of a restaurant. It was always a show - really a dance, as the chef and assistants whirled around each other with steaming pots, slices of this, flaming that. What a treat!

Here we are arriving. It's a short 2-minute walk up from their house, so naturally, we drove (well, there was a hint of rain and for us Belizians, it was cold).
Rosie's Cafe in Olympia
Rosie's dinners are something to be savored for an evening. Two and three courses, with frozen sorbet to cleanse the palate between them. Great Northwest wines and deserts to die for.
With Dan and MaryAnn Inside Rosie's
Speaking of the deserts, here it is. Aren't you just drooling already?
Truly Decadent Dessert
And to put all the rumors to rest, we asked the owners about the rumor we had heard that Rosie's was going to close - an emphatic no, with a surprised look that the rumor was even about.

Well, all we can say is, we hope Rosie's is at home on Olympia's West side for many more years to come. I mean, where else would the proprietor come out onto the front porch of the restaurant as you're leaving and wish you well with your grand adventure and thank profusely thank you for patronizing their place for the last several years? I mean, really. It just don't git no better, does it?

Ok, maybe down in Corozal, but in Olympia?

We will miss Rosie's. Thanks for the treat

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