23 June, 2007

First Road Trip - Results Are In

Yesterday, we completed our first road trip since moving to Corozal. We went on about an hour's journey south to Orange Walk, looking specifically for the large hardware store reported to be there and to see what other stores were there that might not be found in Corozal.

Orange Walk's population (15,800) is approximately twice that of Corozal's (8,800). We expected bigger and better all the way around.

What we found was a bit disappointing. What we found in the couple of hours we were there, was that Orange Walk does, indeed, have a larger hardware store than Corozal - Landy's Hardware and Home Center. However, I think that Villa's in Corozal comes in at such a close second that unless there was something only available at Landy's, I see no reason to make the trip to Orange Walk.

Corozal has all of the stores that are available in Orange Walk. Restaurants, etc., all seem comparable... So, what's the attraction? I guess it could be the river tours, but, so far, I haven't seen anything in Orange Walk that I'd rush from Corozal to take advantage of.

It was so unexciting a journey that I didn't even take any photos.

Our friend Jenni reported this morning that what Orange Walk DOES have, is lots of really cool thrift stores. When all your T-shirts are grungy, you can pick up some replacements for $1BZ each! There's also the "Peoples Store", a grocery store with a bit more variety than D's here in Corozal. Even so, she wonders at the Gringos who do go to Orange Walk on a weekly basis... "What on earth are they finding to shop for"?

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