16 May, 2007

A Satisfying Dinner

Thank you Don and Brenda, for a very nice dinner at Anthony's Hearthfire Restaurant here in Olympia.

With a waterfront view to die for, great food, good friends, the Mariners winning against the Angels... "It just don't git no better"!

Around the table, Dianna and Don. Obviously two different conversations going on here.
Dianna and Don
Kathy and Dianna - tuned in to the same conversation. Notice how neat and tidy the table is. We haven't eaten yet.
Kathy and Dianna
Brenda and Kathy - Completes the girl's conversation group.
Brenda and Kathy
And the boys - Don and Bob. I'm behind the camera... What is that growing out of Don's head?

Don and Bob
It can't all be work, work, work. We'd been packing all day - well, that is, except for nap breaks and smoke breaks for those who need them. We actually made a lot of progress on boxing stuff up and the dinner was a very welcome respite from our labors.

Thanks again. It was great!

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