11 May, 2007

Our Spread Out in the Wilds of Belize

Here's a bunch of shots of our property. As you can tell, it's flat. It fronts onto the canal. There's a cutout for a boat slip - shared with our neighbor's property. That's pretty much it right now. I'll include just some brief comments on the photos.

This is the east property line looking from the canal to the road. The property is 238 feet long by 65 feet wide - approximately. We still have to have a new survey done.
Well, It's Got Dirt
This is looking from the road to the canal. Still the same length.
It's A Big Lot
This is looking across the property.
Another Shot of the Property
This is looking across the property with the Isuzu (with dark-tinted windows) horning into the picture.
Our New Wheels on Our New Lot
This is the northwestern property marker.
One of Our Property Markers
Looking east from the neighbor's property.
Neighboring Lot
Lilies in the canal.
Canal Lilies
Lilly pads in the canal.
More Lilies
Southwestern property marker
Another Property Marker
Cutout for boat slip - our side.
Boat Slip Cutout
Cutout for boat slip - our neighbor's side
The Other Side of It
Looking northward up the canal
Looking Up the Canal
Looking southward down the canal. At the big tree it swings left and about 100 yards, empties into Corozal Bay.
And Down the Canal
Some structures (houses?) across the road from our property.
Partial Construction Across the Road
Ok. So that's it. We'll be finalizing the design and starting construction once we return to Belize. Stay tuned for developments.

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