20 May, 2007

Our Social Life is Just So Full Here in Olympia

I know, it's just one damn social function after the other. It seems like all we've been doing since we've been back is pack - pack - pack, and go out to eat here, then there, then more here, more there... Where does it all end?

Well, I guess it ends, more or less, when we get on the airplane to head back to Belize. Then it's just one damn sunny day after another!

Well, we knew it was tough duty when we signed up, but someone has to do it, don't they?

So, making another sacrifice for the cause, we went out to dinner (to Anthony's Hearthfire again, no less) with Dan, his wife Mary Ann, and her mom, Pat. Incidentally, Pat is heading off on her own adventure, to Armenia with the Peace Corps - her second stint with them. She first went in the '60's to Thailand. Dianna and I are so jealous! But, Pat says the winters are God-awful cold there. Well, we'll be thinking of you Pat, as we're having another cool one down at the Swing Bar in Corozal.

Here's Dan and me enjoying life at the Hearthfire. We haven't eaten anything yet at this point.
Dave and Dan at Hearthfire - A Nice New Upscale Eatery in Olympia
Mary Ann tried, on the first try for this shot, to get out of the picture, so I had to retake, with much better results. Yes, Mary Ann, I wanted the two of you in the shot! We got to the Hearthfire early enough for the "Early Special" - A fine dinner, soup or salad, and desert for a very modest price. Nothing modest about the meals though, all fit for a king - or a queen.
Pat, MaryAnn's Mom and MaryAnn
Mary Ann putting some moves on me. Don't tell Dan.
Y'know, I just noticed... Dianna took this shot, and it got me so confabulated, I forgot to take a couple of her this time around. For that, I'm really sorry (I know she's not, but I like taking her picture, even though she thinks she doesn't take a good shot - which she does).

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