03 May, 2007

More new Friends

Another couple we met, Jenni and Nigel Markey, both from England, but Jenni by way of the US twenty years ago, and Nigel from South Africa where they met and worked for a time. Anyway, we met them in their really cool home, filled with African memorabilia, a gigantic dog, several cats, and a bird. They have a wild cat out in the backyard, who is enroute to a wildlife park.
Wild Cat, Looks Like a Lynx
They also have a full-sized tepee erected at their place. Somehow, it doesn't seem out of place. No photos yet of them or their place, other than as you see. We might get more later.

Jenni and Nigel turned us on to a shipping company, based in Los Angeles, who will ship our stuff down to Belize for very reasonable prices. We're in contact with them now, so there should be more information soon. The company is Joe and Son Shipping. It's run by Nena and Joe Pascascio, a Belizian couple, living in LA.
Tiny Little Puppy
Here's the newest member of their menagerie. I captioned this "I don't think the chain is big enough". Nuff said.

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Kitty said...

Thanks for the Blog! Just to let you know, the puppy is now too big to get through the gate posts, so she is off the chain!