04 May, 2007

Local Stores and Businesses We Patronize

Dianna had a good suggestion. That we post pictures of the stores we go to and use here in Corozal, so that you can see a bit of what shopping is like here. so, with that in mind, we'll be posting pics of the various places.

You've already read about Mrs. June's Kitchen elsewhere on the blog.

Next up is Frank's Meat Products.
Frank's Meat Products
Frank's is located at #2 Park Street North, just north of the central square. His place is a good supplier of fresh beef, hamburger, sausages, special orders, Chilean salmon, and other seafoods when in season.

Our friend Elsie King, on the eve of her departure to Guatamala, cooked up some bodacious salmon steaks for us at our place. She had cleaned out her fridge and cupboard and gave us all her leftover homesteading supplies, including the salmon. Was it ever good. Thanks Elsie!

Now for the Car Wash

This place is unreal. It doesn't seem to have a business name. It appears to be a used car sales place, auto and appliance parts, as well as a car wash.

Car Wash
Completely hand wash process. Very meticulous. Rinsed the the dust off the SUV, washed it down with auto detergent and water, water rinse, rag-dried, windows washed with Windex and newspaper inside and out. Dash and other inside surfaces Armour-All'd, inside completely vacuumed, mats beat and vacuumed, and tires dressed. I've never had that from a car wash before, ever! All this for $20.00BZ. A deal.

Course, two days later, the dust is beginning to accumulate again all over the rig. But for a while it looked sharp.

I asked him if he got a lot of business due to the road dust.

"No", was his answer. "Most people wait till rainy season and come in to get the mud off of their vehicles... (implying only crazy Gringos do it at this time of year?) Naw, I've seen lots of cars in there over the past few days.

Caribbean Chicken

Caribbean Chicken
This is the source for fresh and frozen chicken and eggs. They keep their eggs refrigerated where most other places don't. They also sell other grocery-related items. Easy access in and out from the highway.

General Discount and Drug Store

Clean looking operation. The proprietor (not sure if he was a doctor or pharmacist) had to get back to us on one of Dianna's meds. We'll check back with him on Monday to see if he can get it for her. No info yet on prices of prescription items. We'll let you know.

General Discount and Drug Store
They carry other drugstore related stuff, cough meds, etc. Behind the counter. You have to ask for it. Seems to be the way most stores do business here. Very customer-service oriented. Which is nice and a real change from some pimple-faced teen, chomping his/her gum and looking at you like you interrupted their bored routine for something even more boring, like waiting on you.

Justice of the Peace and Shoe Store

Interesting place. We went there to get some property papers signed and notarized. Senora Marzan, the proprietor, told Dianna and me that we need to have the other two folks involved in the transaction here to sign as well. I started to get PO'd, but quickly realized she was right. So we went over to Craig and Mae's place to get them. They were busy eating breakfast and designing a stairway to their loft.

Justice of the Peace, Shoes, Photo Studio
After a while we made it back to Senora Marzan's, signed the papers, and she duly notarized them. Then didn't charge us anything at all! She just said she wanted to see things filled out properly and done right. Too cool!

Also, her store seems to carry a wide variety of sandals and shoes for the whole family. We will certainly check out her goods when we need zapos.

New World Store

This is the first store I shopped at here in Belize. We've been making to them about every three or four days since, for various and sundry.

New World Grocery Store
They carry a wide variety of foods and household products, all crammed into a tiny establishment. They also carry some excellent imported hard cheeses, kept at or behind the counter. You have to know to ask for them, or you'll miss them entirely!


Cinty's has Three Locations Within Half a Block of Each Other!

Cinty's is one of those stores that seem to have everything. If they don't have it, it probably doesn't exist - sort of place.

Cinty's Middle Store
You always know when they are open. Merchandise spills out of the doorways and over the sidewalk at each location.

Stuff is everywhere. Piled on top of other things or hung by the dozen from overhead. It's hard to describe.

And the staff... Incredible! They not only know where everything is, but they know how many they have of any one thing.

Like I said, they have three locations, all within a half-block of the other. Each carries slightly different items, but all just a jumble with goods.

Their prices are very reasonable. Everyone shops there. Example: Dianna and I were talking to Connie of Copa Banana the other day when she brought over some real estate papers we needed to sign. In the course of the conversation, she mentioned that the door to one of the refrigerators in the guest house had fallen off, and that she had gotten a new fridge.

Dianna asked her where she had gotten it, thinking Connie would say some store over in Chetumal (she's well known locally for frequent shopping there).

Connie piped up and said, "Cinty's". "Where else"?

Like it was the most natural thing in the world to go there to purchase a major appliance. And, she got a good deal on it too!

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