01 May, 2007

House Art Next to Copa Banana

The house that is being built next door to the Copa Banana has (had) some art in it. I took a shot or two of the guys doing it (Gayle and Martin). These columns turned out to be gorgeous.
The shot above shows Dianna supervising Martin (left) and Gayle (right). Martin is from Los Angeles. He married a local girl and is basically apprenticed to Gayle to learn the set decoration trade. Gayle has been a theatrical set decorator for about 30 years. The work they are doing is simply spectacular!

Here's another shot of them working on one of the columns. Just amazing work.
An update as of April 30... The columns above have been redone. We peeked in the window yesterday and they had been repainted white! WTF???

I've heard the owner has spent a fortune on change orders. Whatever. It's his money. Just a shame. The columns were simply spectacular.

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