29 May, 2007

Loaded, Locked, and Ready to Roll

Here we are, the day after Labor Day, and U-Haul was still busy. Renting trucks, not people turning them in. I just never would have believed it.

Here's the behemoth I rented - a 17-footer, clean, dent-free and complete with a cracked windshield. Neither Owen nor I noticed it at checkout when we picked up the vehicle. I called U-Haul and reported it to them. They didn't seem to think it was any big deal. We'll see when we check it in down in LA.
Our Road Wagon
Here's a couple of shots of the windshield. If you double click the left image, you can see the crack.
Windshield Crack - Missed it on the Pre-Flight Inspection
Little Better View of it
Now, the important stuff. Remember seeing all the boxes and odd-shaped packages in the basement room... Well, Ta Da! We got it all in the van.
A Place For Everything and Everything In Its Place
Actually, Owen and I felt when it was all done that we could have done it with a 14-footer, but we probably would have been stacking stuff a lot higher. As it is, I think we did a pretty good job of packing and stowing.

We even made a last-minute command decision and put in the kitty scratching post. Now the wee ones have no easy way in or out of the duplex. The start of their becoming indoor kitties.

So, we're ready to roll. Owen and I will be leaving at 7:30 AM for Californ-i-ay! I'm going to take my PC and camera along to document the journey as we go and the delivery to Roy and Son down there.

See you on the road Good Buddy, 10-4!

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