01 May, 2007

First Dinner Party at the Rental

We had an impromptu dinner party here the other night. Dianna had prepared a nice Chicken stew, complete with the national dish, rice and beans.

Before we ate, Steven, grounds keeper at Copa Banana came by to visit, so we invited him to dinner. Steven lives across the highway and about three houses down a cross street.
Steven From Copa Banana
Then right as we started, here comes Cody, our groundskeeper, with his sister-in-law, Yolanda.
Cody, Our Caretaker
Yolanda, Cody's Sister-in-Law
They just live across the highway and towards town about a hundred yards or so. So everyone got a bowl of stew. Well, not Cody. He doesn't like to eat out. But, everyone else got plenty to eat. It was a fun evening. We're looking forward to many more.

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