20 April, 2007

Solar Power - Reality or Just a Dream?

This is Bill and Jennie (sorry, I don't remember their last names). They own a resort on the Cerros Peninsula (Cerros Beach Resort -
Jennie and Bill, Showing Antique Bottle
Bill is showing a bottle from his collection of bottles that they've found while digging foundations, water runs, etc., for their resort. Some of his bottles date from the 14 and 1500s! Very impressive.

They, like everyone here are very nice. Their resort is 100% solar-powered. I'll share pictures of their solar setup, etc., on down the page.

Bill was a professional chef in a previous life, so the food at their place is outstanding and the beer is always cold. Not bad for solar-power. They power all the resort refrigeration needs including a full-service bar and restaurant, 5 or 6 guest cabanas, and other outbuildings. How cool is that?

Here's some more shots of Bill and Jennie's photovoltaic setup:
First up, their photovoltaic collectors - there's four of 'em. The satellite dish takes care of TV and Internet.
Bill and Jennie's Solar Array
Next, a shot of the bumper sticker on a tool box for the vendor of the equipment:
Free Advertising
Then comes the inverter setup and control panel:
Control Panel

Battery Bank
The battery farm. It's made up of marine deep-cycle batteries.

Then comes the water collection system. First shot is the rainwater catchment cistern, under construction:
Rotoplas Cistern
Then the hot water heater and pressure reservoir. Water is pumped up to the roof into this tank for pressure. It's black and in the tropical sun all day for heat:

Another Cistern

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