16 April, 2007

Not only beer to go, but beer delivery - PDQ and property too!

Hey, you wouldn't believe it, but I bought a case of Belikin Beer this morning... but, here's the cool part - they deliver! It cost $48.50BZ (about $24.25US). And, from the time we called to delivery was less than 30 minutes! How cool is that?

We talked to Connie and Greg this morning. Wow! Life be good. We are more stoked, pumped, whatever. Moving here will be so easy. We can buy property (we're looking as we speak), rent something while we build, and have truly, the house of our dreams for much, much less than we could ever afford stateside. In fact, we looked at a couple of lots this morning - right on the canal with boat slips. Wow!
First Glimpes of the Canal Properties - North One
First Glimpes of the Canal Properties - South One
The Photos are left and right sides of the two adjacent lots. Each are in South Corozal, and are about 62.5' x 235'.You just have to imagine the castle of your dreams there.

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