23 September, 2018

Patio Palapa Makeover

Like I said on the last post, on a tentative note, Mario's crew is supposed to be starting Monday morning on the patio palapa. But after one of the biggest holidays of the year, Independence Weekend (Independence Day was 21 September), it remains to be seen just how up for the task they'll be, come tomorrow morning.
Patio Palapa

What they 're going to be working on is the roof of the palapa. We're having them replace the thatch with zinc, just like was done for the parking palapa. And, it's going to be screened in, just like the pool enclosure. We'll have a screen door as well, but also, when we're using it, we can leave the screen door open, because we'll have one of those magnetic screen curtains across the doorway area.

Yes, It's Seen Better Days
Although it looks like it got whacked by a hurricane, nothing like that has happened. The thatch just needs some serious repair. But, since thatch is becoming harder to get, as well as more expensive, we delayed repairs as long as possible.

No Hurricane - Yet
What we're going to now is similar to what we did with the parking palapa - it will get a new zinc roof, which should last much, much longer.

The current roof just lets too much light and rain in.

Oh, I almost forgot. It will also be screened in so a favorite place to sit quietly and read a book will be resurrected once again. It should be similar to the screening we currently have around the pool enclosure.

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